Jet Ranger Helicopter Lesson

Jet Ranger Helicopter Lesson


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It’s jet turbines all the way with these helicopters in Pembrokeshire! This is not your usual helicopter lesson. That’s because at Haverfordwest Airport you will be taking your lesson in a fabulous Bell JetRanger 206 BIII chopper – way more powerful and versatile than the usual two seater training helicopters used on training flights! Flying a JetRanger is quite an experience above and beyond your average helicopter flight. Originally designed as an American military aircraft Bell has had the single engine turbine helicopter market cornered with this model for over 40 years. The astute amongst you will notice that this is the BIII version; the later design that allows the chopper 25% more power. What really stands out with JetRangers is their durability ruggedness and sheer reliability – along with having the best safety record in the world so it’s little wonder that this Haverfordwest-based helicopter company operates one. Let’s have a look at the interior. Passengers want comfort and that’s what they get with this Bell JetRanger helicopter as this Haverfordwest company has made sure there are luxury leather seats and a state-of-the-art Bose headset communication system onboard. Indeed JetRangers are known for their roles in business flights as fellas offshore charters aerial camera work and even as air ambulances so using such large helicopters at the JetRanger for helicopter lessons is pretty rare which is why we’re quite excited about this package in Pembrokeshire. On the day of your flight you will be well looked after by the Haverfordwest team’s Chief Pilot who will be hosting your experience. A ground briefing will explain in some depth how turbine helicopters actually fly so you have a good understanding of what is happening when you take control. Then armed with all that knowledge it’s time to head out to the apron at lovely Haverfordwest Airport where the helicopter is sitting to get hands on. From that moment on you’re a helicopter pilot. After take off it’s over to you to achieve straight and level flight followed by learning 360 degree level turns before some nice ascending and descending turns. And on the return back to base there’ll be time to have a go mastering the fine art of hovering the helicopter. You’ll be thrilled to have experienced the power of the JetRanger and the effect of airspeed changes on the helicopter whilst flying over Pembrokeshire’s finest coast and countryside.

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