20 Minute Tiger Moth Flying Lesson

20 Minute Tiger Moth Flying Lesson


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Journey back in time and take to the skies for a nostalgic flight aboard a magnificent vintage plane with this 20 Minute Tiger Moth Flying Lesson. The Tiger Moth is a classic 1930s open cockpit biplane, once used as the perfect flying machine to teach Second World War R.A.F. pilots how to fly before they progressed on to more advanced aircrafts such as the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster. Today only a small number of Tiger Moths remain certified to fly, which makes this flying experience a truly rare opportunity to undertake a flight in one of these iconic airplanes. What’s more, you’ll be kitted out with authentic goggles and a traditional flying jacket. It’s an amazing feeling being up in the air in a Tiger Moth. Especially with the open cockpit, as you can feel the wind on your face. Your adventure begins with a pre-flight briefing to familiarise yourself with the controls of this historic aircraft. Seated behind your instructor, you taxi out to the runway and then take to the skies for a flight of pure nostalgia. During the flight you’ll have the chance to take the controls; cruising at a speed of around 80 knots (just over 80 miles per hour) you’ll have a fantastic view of the landscape below. This wonderful flying experience is the perfect treat for any classic aviation fan.

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