15 Minute Tiger Moth Flying Lesson

15 Minute Tiger Moth Flying Lesson


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This introductory Tiger Moth flight is a unique chance to experience aviation in authentic 1930s style! Nothing compares with flying over the beautiful English countryside in an original Tiger Moth biplane. What’s more, you’ll be kitted out with authentic goggles and a flying jacket! It could be a summer’s day in 1932 as you enjoy this perfect blend of fun and nostalgia. It’s a great feeling being in the air in a Tiger Moth – the cockpit is open so you can feel the wind and hear the rush of air flowing past you! ‘Everybody who has ever flown in a Tiger Moth has fallen in love with it’ – Roald Dahl, Going Solo. Your adventure begins with a pre-flight briefing to familiarise yourself with the controls of this historic aircraft. Seated behind your instructor, you taxi out to the runway and then take to the skies for a flight of pure nostalgia. During the flight you’ll have the chance to take the controls; cruising at a speed of around 80 knots (just over 80 miles per hour) you’ll have a fantastic view of the hedgerows, trees, people, their houses and cars. Please note, if you choose to fly from Duxford you will get free entry into IWM Duxford (worth £16) and guests get entry at half price.

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