CAMERON FLIGHTS SOUTHERN LIMITED formerly trading as 'Go Ballooning' (In Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation)

Further Update 20 May 2013

The Liquidator has now received confirmation that any Go Vouchers customer who entered into a contract with Go Vouchers up to and including 28 March 2013 is a customer of (and potential creditor of) Cameron Flights Southern Limited in Liquidation ('CFSL').
Any customer who entered into a contract with Go Vouchers after this date is a customer of Go Vouchers Limited and the Liquidator of CFSL has no authority to assist with any query (unless it can be evidenced that the customer specifically contracted with CFSL.

The assets of CFSL are to be disposed of by on line auction with viewing on 21 May 2013 and bidding ending 23 May 2013. Any interested parties are encouraged to visit
For further details.

The Liquidation committee met as planned on 1 May 2013 and the next meeting is planned for mid June at a date yet to be confirmed.'

Further Update 30 April 2013
As creditors have already been advised in the published report of the meeting held on 24 April 2013, a liquidation committee comprising five creditor members has been duly constituted to represent creditor interests in this matter and will meet later this week.

The Estimated Statement of Affairs disclosed that there is no prospect of a dividend becoming payable to the non preferential creditors in this matter and the Liquidator does not therefore intend to agree non preferential claims at this stage. As there is an extremely large number of creditors in this creditor class in this case, I apologise in advance for any delay in responding to individual correspondence (either letter or e mail) but ask that you bear with us whilst we deal with specific requests. However, I take the opportunity to reiterate below the answers given to the most commonly asked creditor questions and would further ask that you do not correspond unnecessarily if your query is answered here.

1. I had / have a flight booked with Go Ballooning.
The company has ceased to trade and cannot offer any flights.

2. How can I claim my refund?
The Estimated Statement of Affairs indicates that there is no prospect of a dividend (refund) to the non preferential creditors in this case. In simple terms, this means that there will be no refund from the company. However, if you have paid for a service by credit card or similar, you are advised to contact your issuing cardholder in the first instance to establish whether payment may be refunded under the 'chargeback' scheme or section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. The company's merchant services provider has advised that vouchers must be valid and therefore there may be time constraints imposed which may affect your ability to obtain a refund through your card issuer.

3. I do not understand the communications I have received. Please explain.
Cameron Flights Southern Limited (Go Ballooning) has ceased trading and has now been placed into Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation. The affairs of the company are being dealt with by the Liquidator. The Liquidator will provide a report to creditors on the progress of the case at least once a year until such time that the administration of the Liquidation has been concluded, at which time a final progress report will be issued by the Liquidator. No further services, refunds or communications will be forthcoming from the company and it will ultimately be dissolved and removed from the Companies House register.

4. Can you please provide details of how and when I made my payments to the company?
The Liquidator is not in a position to provide this information. You should consult your statements and/or contact your card issuer to assist.

5. My card provider has asked for proof that I have not had my flight / service.
The liquidator cannot confirm that a service has not been provided. As part of any claim through a card provider you should state that you have not received a service and your signature on the claim form should provide suitable confirmation.

The e mail address for queries specific to this case is


24 APRIL 2013

Following a creditors meeting on 24 April 2013 Joe Sadler, a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner with Elwell Watchorn & Saxton LLP, was appointed Liquidator of Cameron Flights Southern Limited.
The Liquidator has a statutory duty to investigate the affairs of the company and will report to the appropriate forums in due course. A letter will be emailed/ posted to all creditors this week providing details to facilitate access to the report of the creditors meeting and requesting that any relevant matters should be submitted to the Liquidator for inclusion in his investigation.

Further Update 15 April 2013.
This update should be read in conjunction with the information provided previously and copied below.

The above named company ceased trading on 4 April 2013 and no flights will take place after this date.
The details of all known creditors have been extracted from the company records and formal notice of the meeting of creditors is being or has already been dispatched. There are a large number of creditors for whom the e mail address is the primary point of contact and a major e mailing exercise will take place over the afternoon of 15 April 2013 and morning of 16 April 2013 to provide creditors with the formal meeting notice.

There is unlikely to be any further information available to creditors prior to the meeting but should the need arise, details will continue to be posted on the 'Go Ballooning' website at All creditors, whether or not they are in attendance at the meeting, will receive a further communication providing a download link to a meeting report including a copy of the Estimated Statement of Affairs for the company and associated additional information subsequent to the creditors' meeting.

As previously stated, any creditor who has made payment by credit card or similar is advised to contact their issuing cardholder in the first instance to establish whether payment may be refunded under the 'chargeback' scheme or section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. However, I acknowledge that this will ultimately require confirmation from the Liquidator, when appointed, that the company is unable to provide the service purchased. The meeting report referred to above should be sufficient for this purpose.

Please be advised that EWS LLP have no authority to act on behalf of the company in this pre liquidation period (to 24 April 2013) but the Liquidator will assist all creditors in dealing with their claims if successfully appointed.

Original release 9 April 2013
The above named company ceased trading on 4 April 2013 for reasons of insolvency. The directors have approached Mr Joe Sadler (Licensed Insolvency Practitioner) of Elwell Watchorn & Saxton LLP to convene meetings of members and creditors for 24 April 2013 with a view to placing the company into creditors' voluntary liquidation.

The directors are currently assisting in preparing a statement of company affairs to be presented to the meetings and no further detailed information is available at the present time. However, all creditors are encouraged to monitor the 'Go Ballooning' website at where current information will continue to be posted.

Any creditor who has made payment by credit card or similar is advised to contact their issuing cardholder in the first instance to establish whether payment may be refunded under the 'chargeback' scheme. Further details of the scheme may be obtained by typing 'how do I use chargeback' into your search engine and following the link to the 'Which?' Consumer Rights website.